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The Empire

Our industrial cold drip coffee system is one of a kind, and is made for a coffee shop that wants to create a unique atmosphere while brewing the best tasting coffee available.
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The Tower

Our personal cold drip coffee system is truly unique. Its all glass construction extracts just the right amount of acid, leaving your coffee bold, complex and extremely smooth.


We would like to introduce you to Pure Coffee’s cold brew coffee systems. The art of the cold brew was developed over the last century in the Japanese coffee movement. We have taken their knowledge and applied modern science and design. The result is a magnificent coffee unlike any other. Our coffee systems aren't simply a cold brewers. They are slow drip, all laboratory glass, coffee wonders. The slow drip allows time to extract all the complex flavor of the beans while the cold brew leaves behind unwanted acid and bitterness producing a rich, full flavored coffee. We designed a permanent glass filter system that will never need replacing. In our design there are no metals, papers, or plastics to affect the flavor whatsoever. Our all glass system leaves you with Pure Coffee. Taste coffee the way it was meant to be. Our solid steel powder coated frame and hand blown glass are all made here in the USA. There are no extra parts or filters to buy. This machine is all you need to make coffee for a lifetime. It takes between 6 and 8 hours to brew. The Empire and Tower look incredible, tastes amazing, and should last for generations.

Brad SmithDistant Lands Coffee
“In the past when I have tried cold extraction I have found the coffee to be flat with no life. So, when Bryan brought The Tower by to try I expected the same. To my surprise, it had a sparkle I had found lacking in other cold extraction methods. In addition it displayed the complete lack of bitterness that is the hall-mark of this process. An excellent cup.”

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